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Best Asian Poker Unions 2023

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Poker has experienced a significant resurgence post-pandemic, thriving in both live tournaments and online settings. With a growing number of players showing interest in the game and the introduction of new apps and exciting unions to the market, it's safe to say that poker is currently in a bull market.

In this article, we will delve into poker unions in Asia to provide you with the best and unbiased review. A recurring theme throughout this piece is the dominance of X-poker, which has enjoyed several successful years, holding the majority market share in Asia. Most top unions and clubs in Asia operate on the X-poker platform.

Asia stands out as a host for some of the best poker games due to its large market and numerous recreational players. As the saying goes, Asians have a penchant for both money and gambling, and this holds true at the poker table. Asian players inject excitement and action into the games, earning them a well-deserved reputation that is loved by everyone in the poker community.

Without further ado, let's explore our top 5 Asian Unions in 2023.

pokerzone poker union

1. Pokerzone

App: X-poker

Currency: VND (Vietnamese Dong)

Club ID: 9999 (Bad Beat City)

Hailing from Vietnam, Pokerzone is the largest union on X-poker in Asia. Boasting hundreds of tables with daily big tournaments and cash games across all stakes, it has become a hub for Vietnamese poker players. Since its inception in 2021, Pokerzone has consistently grown, earning its spot as the top union on this list.


At its peak hours, Pokerzone has at least 300 concurrently running tables, with the majority of the traffic coming from Vietnam. Neighboring Asian countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore contribute to the remaining player base.

Game Variety

Pokerzone offers a diverse range of games, including NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, OFC, and Mau Binh. Players of all stakes, from micro to nosebleed high stakes, can find a suitable game at these tables. The union stands out for its balance and ability to cater to every type of poker player. Additionally, it serves as a hub for Mau Binh games, a staple for Vietnamese gamblers.

Playing Field

Pokerzone boasts one of the softest playing fields encountered, with 60 clubs from all over Asia merging to form this union. While Vietnamese players are known for their aggressiveness and love for gambling, the player pool is well-balanced and largely recreational. However, higher stakes may present a tougher playing environment.


In conclusion, Pokerzone excels in balancing all aspects to cater to a diverse range of poker players. Whether you're a dedicated grinder or a recreational player seeking low, medium, or high stakes, Pokerzone provides a 24/7 gaming experience tailored to your preferences.

asean union poker union
asean union

2. ASEAN Union

App: X-Poker Currency: MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) Club ID: 1643648 (WPC2)

ASEAN Union, a Malaysian-based poker union, offers a thrilling gaming experience with a vibrant atmosphere tailored for recreational players. Simultaneously, it maintains a commendable number of active tables. Notably, it boasts the distinction of having one of the most diverse and plentiful player bases, earning it the second spot in our rankings.

Traffic The union sustains a steady flow of activity with a consistent number of tables running 24/7, peaking at around 30-50 tables daily. While it may not match the scale of some larger unions, ASEAN Union compensates with its unique strengths. The player base predominantly comprises Malaysians, with a delightful mix of Indonesian, Japanese, and Australian participants, among others.

Game Variety ASEAN Union presents a diverse range of poker games, including NLH, PLO, OFC, and Pussoy. Stakes range from 0.1/0.2 USD to 25/50 USD on a daily basis. The union particularly excels in its NLH and PLO5 games, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gaming experience for its members.

Playing Field Arguably, ASEAN Union boasts the softest playing field in Asia, if not the entire world. Tables often feature players with a VPIP as high as 70% for NLH, indicative of a highly recreational and relaxed player pool. This characteristic sets ASEAN Union apart, providing an ideal environment for players seeking a more enjoyable and laid-back poker experience.

Conclusion For enthusiasts of action-packed games, ASEAN Union emerges as the ideal choice. The prevalence of high VPIP players contributes to a lively and entertaining gaming environment. If you're seeking a poker community that combines excitement with a relaxed atmosphere, ASEAN Union is the place to be.

xpoker philippina poker union
xpoker philippina

3. XPOKER Pilipinas

App: X-Poker

Currency: PHP (Philippine Peso)

Club ID: 1744073 (DonkHub)

The Philippines is a poker-crazy nation. Gambling is semi-legal and is a staple in the lives of most citizens. Hence, poker is one of their favorite pastimes. It's no surprise, then, that the country boasts some of the best poker unions in the world. XPOKER Pilipinas is by far the best poker union in the Philippines.


Second only to Pokerzone, XPOKER Pilipinas has an incredible number of tables daily. With up to 300 tables during peak hours, it's no wonder they have dominated the Philippine market.

Game Variety

NLH, PLO, OFC, Pusoy, and recently added Tongits—a game native to Filipinos. This is where X-Poker shines, as they have localized games to cater to different markets.

Playing Field

The playing field is very well balanced, with a mix of recreational and serious players. We believe that some games here are easier to beat than others. Stick to NLH if you're not too adventurous, as other games might be more challenging to master in this union.


We appreciate this union for offering something for everyone. It's similar to Pokerzone in many ways, so if you're seeking an alternative to Pokerzone, this could be it.

rake2high poker union

4. Rake2High App: ClubGG Currency: TWD (Taiwanese Dollar) Club ID: 988712

As the name suggests, Rake2High offers a unique twist to poker unions, with its distinctive selling point being low-raked games. On average, they rake 3% and 2bb for their games, providing insanely low raked games to ensure that the majority of the money circulates among players instead of being taken out by operators.

Traffic Nothing too overwhelming here—20-50 tables daily, with players mainly hailing from Taiwan, as indicated by the flags in their names. A noteworthy feature of ClubGG.

Game Variety Primarily No-Limit Hold'em (NLH), with some Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) and PLO5 tables. However, ClubGG, as an app, doesn’t offer other games such as Open-Face Chinese (OFC) and Pusoy, etc.

Playing Field We observe that players here are generally tighter than those in other unions. However, given the low rake in the games, players have already reaped the benefits.

Conclusion If you're a player who despises high rakes, Rake2High is definitely for you. Rake2High deserves commendation for adopting an entirely different approach to running poker unions—a move never seen before.

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