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X-Poker, Newly Launched Play Money App

X-Poker, yet another play money App has recently launched. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Really? Another play money app?’ The landscape for play money and agent model poker has just gotten more competitive with the introduction of X-Poker. How does it fare competing with the likes of Pokerbros and Pppoker? Here’s our full and unbiased review of X-Poker, the latest play money App in town.

At first glance, X-Poker looks an awful lot like Ppoker in terms of the layout and functionality. It feels as if the developers were tasked to eumlate Pppoker and improve on areas where Pppoker is lacking.

Graphics and layout

In general, the design and layout of the app will appeal to Pppoker lovers. Instead of Pppoker green, X-Poker went for a blue themed lobby.

X-Poker Tables
X-Poker Tables

X-poker opted for a more creative styled pre-set avatars where players can choose from famous characters such as Neymar Jr, The Joker, Daniel Negreanu and Teddy KGB to name a few. Similar to Pppoker, players can also upload their own custom pictures as well.

X-Poker Features
X-Poker Features

Players can also choose from 2 pre-set table colours. I have a feeling that these features will improve as time goes by. The gold standard for graphics and table, cards layout is still Pokerbros by far. We’ll see how X-Poker fare in this area after some time since they are still pretty much in their infancy stage as an App right now.

Features and Functionality

As per the usual Clubs/agent model. Players will need to first join a club to access the games. It’s similar all around compared to competitors such as Pppoker, Pokerbros and Upoker.

X-Poker offers the standard games such as NLH, MTT, 6+, OFC, PLO4 and PLO5.

One key difference compared to PPpoker though is that X-Poker offers PLO6, a game highly popular amongst poker players in recent times.

X-Poker Hud
X-Poker HUD

HUD is available if players invest in a monthly VIP card which cost upwards of $10 per VIP card.

Gameplay and Security

The App loads and runs quite smoothly on the few mobile device tested. Judging by how it’s so similar to Pppoker, they should also have a PC version for those who prefer to play the more conventional way.

As with most play money Apps out there, a Gaming Labs certification is a must. X-Poker is no different in this area as you see the Gaming Labs logo smacked up front while opening up the app.


It’s still rather early days for X-Poker to draw any kind of meaningful conclusions. At point of writing this, it remains to be seen how far the App can go. Not many players have played on it yet. Thus, it is quite hard to gather feedback and general consensus on what players like and dislike about the App. There are also no big Unions to speak of at X-Poker just yet. I will definitely be back to update this article when things changes. Until then, I certainly have high hopes for the App.

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