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2022 Best Unions To Play in PokerBROS, PPpoker, Suprema Poker, and X-Poker

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Poker has seen a massive surge in recent years due to the pandemic. As a result, club apps have gone from strength to strength. We’ve seen new apps like Suprema Poker and X-Poker launched in 2021, and they seem to have taken some market share away from the existing players such as Pokerbros and PPpoker.

We did a similar review in 2020. Let’s see how things have changed with the addition of new apps and new unions. We’ll recommend one Union that we think is the BEST in each app this time to make things easier.

We’ll use a scoring system for each category, such as traffic, game variety, and playing field, and MTTs will be used to rank the unions.

Diamond Union Pokerbros

Pokerbros - Diamond Union

In 2020, we ranked Diamond Union as the best Union across all apps. Two years down the road, things haven’t changed much. We still think Diamond Union provides the best games on Pokerbros and possibly across all apps.

Traffic 4.5/5

Although traffic has dropped significantly during its peak in the past year, it’s still the Union with the highest traffic during its peak hours compared with all other Unions across all apps. In addition, there are easily 500 tables running at peak times in North American time zones. Hence, Diamond Union is still the winner.

Game Variety 5/5

NLH, FLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, OFC. Players of all stakes, from micro, to nose bleed high stakes, will be able to find a game on all these tables. It’s rare to find a union that is so balanced and caters to every type of poker player.

Playing Field 4/5

One of the softest playing fields we’ve come across. Seventy clubs from all over the world merged to form Diamond Union; this results in diversity in the player pool to ensure not one region of pros dominates. Our customer feedback and data suggest that even recreational players can still win consistently here.

MTTs 5/5

Diamond Union wins in tournaments. A variety of games and stakes cater to the masses. The weekly Diamond Series of Poker (DSOP) has a guaranteed prize pool of $1,600,000, with the main event prize pool of $200,000 GTD. DSOP is the place to be if you’re a tournament goer.

Run Like God - 206300

Our very own club Run Like God (Club ID 206300), has been in Diamond Union since the beginning. Players love it as we give a decent Rakeback and other perks such as VIP cards and gifts such as Apple products to our player base.

Kindly contact us if you'd like to play in our club!

Conclusion 18.5/20

We like Diamond Union because it is simply the best for variety. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, you will find something that suits your poker needs. Let’s put it this way, very rarely do we see our customers complain about anything in Diamond Union. On the contrary, most give us rave reviews.

Suprema Poker - Suprema Union

The Suprema app launched in 2021 with huge fanfare in its native country Brazil. Of course, the largest Union on the app is Suprema Union, which was born out of Liga Suprema. Some of you may have heard of Liga Suprema, as it was the most prominent Union in PPpoker several years ago. They grew so big so fast that creating their own app was the next logical step.

Traffic 4/5

Suprema Union is one of the unions with the highest traffic during peak hours. 300 concurrently running tables during peak South American timing. Traffic drops significantly at off-peak hours because 90% of the players come from the same region.

Game Variety 3/5

South Americans and Brazilians are known for their love of PLO. Hence, you will find PLO games in abundance. In addition, you’ll see high-stakes NLH games running during peak times. PLO games of all stakes run 24/7 here. We usually recommend Suprema Union to our PLO crazy friends.

Playing Field 5/5

The majority of the players reside in South America, where poker is a relatively new phenomenon. As a result, there are more gamblers than there are serious players. The fact that PLO5 and PLO6 are their game of choice proves the point.

MTTs 3/5

MTTs at Suprema has a smaller playing field. If you like to compete against a small field, albeit with a smaller prize pool, we’d recommend Suprema Union.

Conclusion 15/20

An existing successful Union made its app to cater to its customers. Suprema Union is committed to continuing to serve its customers better. We think they will keep improving and strongly recommend this as our top choice for PLO, PLO5, and PLO6 players!

X-Poker - 花順雙抽

The X-Poker team hails from Taiwan and launched its app in 2021, catering to mainly the Taiwanese and Asian markets. The app is solid and shares similarities with other club-based apps. Its most prominent Union 花順雙抽 is an excellent place for beginners and especially Chinese speaking individuals to play.

Traffic 3/5

Traffic is decent, with more than 100 running tables during Asian peak hours. The majority of the traffic comes from Taiwan and neighboring countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Game Variety 4/5

A good mix of games with great and fun additions, such as All in or fold (AOF) and a Vietnamese native game Mậu Binh, excite us the most. Creating Asian-friendly games clearly shows that X-Poker is focused on serving the Asian market.

Playing Field 4.5/5

We like the NLH games here. You will find Chinese whales just losing a boatload of chips occasionally. Action on PLO6 tables gets juicy from time to time.

MTTs 3/5

This area perhaps needs more improvement: small buy-ins, small guaranteed, and minimal participants on MTTs.

Conclusion 14.5/20

If you like to mix around with Chinese speaking players and have some fun, 花順雙抽 is where we’d recommend.

PPpoker - Pinoy Donks

Pinoy Donks is the oldest Union on the list. The good news is that both PPpoker and Pinoy Donks are still going as strong as ever. As a result, nothing much had changed with the Union when we ranked it as the second-best Union in 2022.

Traffic - 5/5

Traffic is one of the best compared to all other apps during Asian hours. In addition, you'll find a diversity of cultures on the table as players come from primarily South East Asian Countries.

Game Variety 3/5

Pinoy Donks offers games such as 3-1 NLH, 6+, and AoF. Stakes range from micro to medium. Unfortunately, high-stakes games very rarely run in this Union. That's perhaps the only downside.

Playing Field 4/5

Players are generally recreational in this Union. Because stakes are small, it does seem that players are just there to have fun.

MTTs 4/5

Pinoy Donks have got some of the best MTTs on PPpoker. Some tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000 and more. If you like tournaments, we recommend getting your weekly MTT fix here.

Conclusion 16/20

Pinoy Donks has stood the test of time, proving itself to be one of the best in the business. We have had customers playing with us in the Union since 2018. That shows players do like the games.

Contact us here for more information!

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