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Origin: China

Number of Clubs: 3

Rakeback: Up to 40%

Payment Options: Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin




Withdrawal Speed


Recreational Players







100% Guarantee On Clubs

Soft Games

Variety Of Clubs To Choose From

RNG Certified By Gaming Labs

Available Games








PLO 5/6


PPPOKER is the OG of independent poker sites which allows operators to host games. They were the innovators and have been around since 2016. Boy oh boy have they grown leaps and bounds since then! When PPPOKER first started, only the very elementary features were available. Hosts can create clubs and run their Hold'em games only. They've since developed the Union feature to enable shared player pool and tables and also a host of cool features and more games such as PLO, 6+ and OFC.


Apps like Upoker and PokerBros would certainly not have come about if it wasn't for PPPOKER. Poker players and operators have PPPOKER to thank for an app that clearly broke through regulatory boundaries in countries where online poker is considered to be a grey market. Many successful PPPOKER clubs in the past have since moved to Upoker and PokerBros. However, there are still a few gems that we have very close ties with and are highly recommended to our users here at World Poker Clubs.

How Is PPpoker Different From Other Poker Sites?

PPPOKER is an independent and decentralised poker app. It is available for download on Appstore and Playstore unlike all the other  real money poker sites because it uses a play money model and you will need to know agents or club owners personally to make a deposit and play. There is no payment gateway for top ups. Each agent would have his own means of transaction with you depending on who you deal with locally or internationally. 

There are a host of clubs and union to choose from all over the world. If the traffic from these clubs are combined, it easily beats Pokerstars as the largest poker site in the world.



PPPOKER is certified by one of the top gaming certification companies in the world, Gaming Labs. It has also stood the test of time. We have dealt with no less than 20 clubs since its inception and we guarantee that PPPOKER's software has proper Random Numbers Generator.

Contact Us To Join A PPPOKER Club

PPPOKER is still by far the most popular independent poker app in Asia. We have Unions that run up to 300 tables concurrently that are absolutely beginner friendly. Depending on the type of player you are and the stakes that you are looking for, hit us up and we will recommend a suitable game for you!

Contact us to join a club and start playing

Telegram - @PocketRocket99

  • How To Download PokerBros
    PokerBros is available on Android Playstore or iOS App Store. Simply search 'PokerBros'. Alternatively, you can go on to download.
  • How To Join A Club?
    After downloading the app, you will need to apply to join a PokerBros club in app to be able to view games and start purchasing chips. We will provide you with a list of clubs and you decide where you want to play!
  • How Does PokerBros Work?
    PokerBros is a decentralised Poker App whereby there is no payment gateway for top ups. You need to go through your up stream to purchase in game chips to play. Here's where we come in and help facilitate. Contact us to get into a list of the most amazing PokerBros club right now!
  • How Do I Start Playing?
    Contact us at Telegram: PocketRocket99 to start playing
  • Why Play On PokerBros?
    PokerBros is probably one of the best poker apps on the planet right now. Its server is fast and secure. RNG certified by 2 of the most reputable gaming certification companies. It's no wonder why more and more operators and players are shifting from more traditional apps like PPpoker to PokerBros.
  • How To Deposit And Withdraw Funds?
    Contact us and we will work out the rest for you. You can deposit instantly through World Poker Clubs through a variety of ways. The most common deposit methods are cash, bitcoin, e-wallets or bank transfer. Withdrawals are fast and instant as well. We Guarantee your bankroll because we only work with reputable club owners that we've built a relationship with for a long period of time.

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