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PokerBros, PPPoker, Upoker. Who Comes Out On Top?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

pppoker, pokerbros, upoker

If you've played any poker online whatsoever, you definitely would have come across at least one of these apps during the course of playing. PokerBros, PPPoker and Upoker are akin to siblings, they have very similar features and also are unique in their very own distinct way.

You can download all 3 apps on Playstore or Appstore respectively. How can a gambling product be listed on the stores you may ask? Technically, these apps are social gaming platforms that does not provide any real money games at all. They provide a platform for hosts to run games and set the chips to any denomination or currency that suits them and their players. This was an ingenious idea first created by PPPoker in 2016.

We aim to provide you with the most detailed and step by step review of 3 of the best social gaming poker platform in the world at the moment. This article will be broken down into 4 parts to properly dissect each app respectively.

Part 1 - Graphics And Layout

PokerBros stood out from its competition here with insane graphics that every poker player will drool over. It's clear that they've invested a whole load of time and money in this area to make the app easy on the eye.

Login Page

PPPoker Pokerbros Upoker login page
PPPoker, Upoker, PokerBros login

The very first page when you turn on the 3 apps sets the tone for each of the apps.

PPPoker has a classic look and feel to its design. They were the pioneers who started this whole poker movement since 2016.

Upoker launched in 2018 has a more professional look to it with black red and gold dominant colour schemes.

PokerBros went for a more playful approach with its signature avatar and funky logo shows that the company is serious when they say that the app is for recreational poker players only!

Clubs Page

PPPoker Pokerbros Upoker clubs page
PPPoker, Upoker, PokerBros clubs

After logging in, you arrive at the page where you get to select the clubs which you want to play at. The layout for PPPoker and Upoker are rather similar with just minor design and colour changes. Both of them went for a design that clearly enables users to quickly scroll through the clubs if the many clubs that they are in.

PokerBros went for a slightly different approach. You will see a bigger club logo or display picture right from the outset. It clearly shows PokerBros intent to make this app graphically pleasing to the eye for its users.


PPPoker Pokerbros Upoker avatar
PPPoker, Upoker, PokerBros avatar

PokerBros went the extra mile on Avatars and gave it a breath of fresh air. While Upoker and PPPoker settled for the standard 2D pictures and custom uploaded avatars by the users, PokerBros went with its own preloaded 3D avatar which in my opinion looks absolutely stunning! It gives out a fun and funky vibe to players.

Table Designs

PPPoker Pokerbros Upoker tables
PPPoker, Upoker, PokerBros tables

This is where PokerBros really went the extra mile in terms of aesthetics.

PPPoker's design is still very much the same since it first launched. Nothing to shout a bout.

Upoker's design is slick and solid. It looks way better compared to other poker sites in the market.

PokerBros again went for a very different approach whereby users can customise tables, cards and background to their very own liking. Users need to purchase the VIP cards in order to unlock some of the cooler table designs

pokerbros customizable tables
PokerBros customisable tables

Club Lobby

PPPoker Pokerbros Upoker games lobby page
PPPoker, Upoker, PokerBros games lobby

PPPoker and PokerBros have very similar designs whereby you scroll through tables while Upoker is slightly different. Layout of all three are similar but props to Upoker for its slick and professional design here.

Part 2 - App Features

All 3 apps have very similar core features. The crux of these apps are the same, enabling hosts to run private games for its players. We will look at each of its core features in detail and you be the judge on which app comes out on top!


The 3 apps have almost identical game offerings. The usual suspects NLH, PLO, Short Deck and Pineapple open face poker or OFC are main features in almost every club within the apps.

PPPoker have a game where it alternates between NLH and PLO every hand. That's something interesting if you're a player that loves both games but can't make up your mind on which to play!

PokerBros has table settings whereby you need to maintain a certain VPIP in order be able to stay on the table. It's a great way to prevent grinders from folding like a rock on tables and it creates action for everyone!

PokerBros, PPPoker and Upoker have very similar tournament features. Unions can share tournaments to generate more traffic and increase prize pool.

HUD And Statistics

PPPoker and Upoker shows very detailed career statistics where players can track down to the decimal how much they have made daily, weekly and during the lifetime playing on the app. Seasoned players or more serious players will definitely opt for an app that offers detailed data.

PokerBros went for a very different approach. It only provides a chart and bottom line percentages to keep track of players performances. Some players might find this annoying but we think the reason they are doing this is to keep it games as recreational as possible. Only pros want stats!

PPPoker Pokerbros Upoker HUD
PPPoker Pokerbros Upoker HUD

Player HUD statistics displayed on tables is similar to the career stats on all 3 apps. With a purchase of their VIP cards, PPPoker and Upoker provides a detailed career statistics with VPIP, PFR, 3bet statistics, % of wins on showdown etc. PokerBros goes for a general approach to label players from extremely cold to extremely hot in terms of their winnings. The VPIP on PokerBros is calculated per every 10 hands instead of a career VPIP. Again, this is to prevent grinders from preying on the looser players based on their VPIP statistics.


Playing multi-tables on all the apps is relatively straight forward. On PPPoker you can play up to 3 tables concurrently on your mobile phone while you can play up to 4 tables on Upoker and PokerBros. Upoker even allow uses to view 4 tables at one go by minimising all 4 tables to fit your mobile screens!

Pokerbros multitable
PokerBros multitable


PPpoker and Upoker again share similarities here as they've combined the Big Hand Jackpot which pays out after you get a big hand such as quads or straight flush together with the Bad Beat Jackpot where the people involved in the hand gets paid out after a cooler. PokerBros on the other hand only offers the Bad Beat Jackpot.

Both systems does have its merits. PPPoker and Upoker's combined Jackpot system ensures a more frequent payout of the jackpot but prize money is always relatively small while PokerBros' system makes for a big pay day but payout happens less frequently.

Upoker Jackpot
Upoker Jackpot

Part 3 - Hosts Features


Long before Upoker or PokerBros were born, PPPoker were facing issues when individual clubs could not sustain its games. A host's network can only be so big to sustain its games for a short period of time. They swiftly created the Union feature where clubs can join forces under a Union to share tables and player pool. The Union feature single handedly revitalised the poker business and clubs were able to create or join a union where they can do business with partners internationally.

Upoker and PPPoker allows for clubs to join 2 unions while PokerBros only limits clubs to join 1 union.

(Check out our list of top 10 poker unions in the world.)

pppoker upoker pokerbros union
PPPoker, Upoker, PokerBros Union

Agent Passes

The apps predominantly uses an agent model whereby players need to go through their upstream in order to purchase chips to play. Club hosts can easily turn a player account into an agent account so agents can manage their downstream players easily and effectively.

Purchase Of Diamonds

You'd need to purchase Diamonds in order to run your poker business on the apps. You are required to purchase diamonds for Club level upgrades and purchase of in game chips.

PPPoker Club Stars

Other Features

Club hosts gets certain privileges such as banning of player's chat, kicking players off the tables and also tracking an online player while he is on a table. These are mainly security features to better enable hosts to properly manage their business.

Part 4 - Software And Security

Software Speed And Reliability

We've tested each each app extensively and they are all pretty similar in terms of reliability. If we were to give out scores, PokerBros would come out on top just by the skin of their teeth as the other apps do have its occasional lagging and time out. This could be due to the fact that PokerBros is actually the newest app of the 3 and they've probably learned a thing or two from its predecessors.

Security And Certifications

PPPoker and Upoker are certified by Gaming Labs, a highly sought after gaming certification company that aims to integrity in the gaming industry. The screening and testing process of the RNG in poker softwares are of the highest standards. Even after obtaining the certifications, regular checks by Gaming Labs are required in order for companies to maintain its certification.

PokerBros goes above and beyond here by having 2 certifications by Gaming Labs and iTechLabs. This simply shows their commitment to providing a fair and secure gaming environment to its players.

As of June 2020, PokerBros have added yet another RNG Certification. It's the most prestigious of the lot. BMM Test Labs is renown for gaming integrity worldwide. GG Network and many other popular poker sites are affiliated to BMM.


All 3 apps are hugely similar but also vastly unique in their own ways.

PPPoker, the early pioneers in the industry have stood the test of time. It is still very much loved and used by hosts and players all over the world.

Upoker have come on and taken huge market share particularly in the South East Asian market and have designed their product to best suit the needs of the market which it caters.

PokerBros, the new kid on the block have taken pointers from its predecessors and came up with an app that is seamless to use and fun to look at. It has captured market share mainly in the USA and South America.

As a conclusion, PPPoker, Upoker and PokerBros are going to continue pushing the boundaries of their respective apps. Competition between the apps have pushed them harder to create a product that players love. It is still early days in determining who will come out on top in this battle, let's just sit back and enjoy the ride because we've got great deals on all 3 apps for you!

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