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ClubGG - In-depth review of GGPoker's latest social app


GGPoker delivered a massive bombshell towards the end of January 2021 by introducing a separate poker mobile app for online private games. To compete with popular poker apps like PokerBros, Pokerrrr 2, and X-Poker, they released a new product called ClubGG. This entry into the social poker app business comes as no surprise to industry analysts. After all, although the GGpoker is popular practically everywhere in the globe, there are certain regions and authorities where legal online poker rooms will not be accessible for a long time. The new software is available for download in both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Anyone who desires to play on the ClubGG Poker app has the option of forming or joining a club.

If you've played on the GGPoker mobile app, you'll see that the ClubGG Poker room uses a similar engine. During our testing of the mobile poker programme, we played Texas Hold'em, 4-card and 5-card Pot-Limit Omaha. If we had to characterise the app in one word, it would be "social poker." The software is chock-full of fun features, such as emoticons, a smooth bet slider, and a graphically appealing hand history tool. We tested the ClubGG Poker app on both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the iPhone 12.

The software has grown in popularity among Youtube poker broadcasters and their fans. However, we believe that traffic and activity are greater on other mobile poker applications. 

Let's take a short look at the most important ClubGG features that have been introduced so far:

How can I join up for the ClubGG app?

ClubGG is quite simple to use. Simply go to the App Store or Google Play Store, search for ClubGG Poker, and download the app. Alternatively, you may go to, download their app, and install it on your smartphone.

How does ClubGG function?

According to GGPoker's Head of Marketing Operations Paul Burke, ClubGG is being brought to the poker industry to cover a home game feature vacuum in the GGPoker app. While the precise ClubGG business model has yet to be revealed, we anticipate it will be decentralised, similar to other play money poker applications. This would imply that the games are controlled by unions comprised of poker clubs. There are currently functionalities in place that enable you to form a club and search for unions, therefore this idea makes great sense and is rational when considering the app's purpose: To provide a home game experience on your cell phone.

That being stated, the ClubGG Poker app's goal is to provide a platform for playing, not to provide real money poker services. ClubGG poker clubs and unions will be in charge of establishing and running cash game tables and poker tournaments.

Will ClubGG become popular with poker players?

Yes, absolutely! Several things are happening for ClubGG that will assist them increase in player traffic, such as:

The world's largest poker network is endorsing and promoting ClubGG Poker

Access to markets where conventional online poker sites are unable to operate

A really world-class mobile app with amazing social features. A variety of popular poker games such as Texas Holdem, Pot-Limit Omaha, 6+ Holdem, and OFC are offered.

What does a ClubGG club look like?

When you join a club by entering a club ID, the ClubGG app displays a list of all the tables that are presently accessible at that club. At each table, you'll notice basic information such as the number of players, stakes, and game mode used. It just takes a few clicks to enter your favourite game: Choose a table to play at, take your seat, and load your chips, and you're ready to play some cards!

ClubGG tables

What about the UI, aesthetics, and functionality of the ClubGG mobile app?

The poker experience provided by the ClubGG app is nothing short of spectacular. The hand history review, emoticons, and other components were created by NSUS Ltd, the private corporation behind GG Network and GGPoker. The gameplay and animations are as smooth as you'd expect from any GGPoker product. We didn't notice many issues throughout our testing; possibly the only thing that can be somewhat unpleasant is the location of emoji animations, which might obscure your hole cards a little if you use them often!

We have excellent news for large volume players: you can utilise the multi-table option to play up to four tables at once. Swiping between tables is lightning quick, and the duration sticks up well against the table backdrop. Buttons and sliders for table activities like checking, betting, and raising? You guessed it: they're meticulously planned and well executed.

What kinds of games and stakes are available on ClubGG?

During the Beta phase, the game formats offered on ClubGG are No-Limit Hold 'em and Pot-Limit Omaha. Aside with NLHE and PLO, 6+ and OFC (Open Face Chinese) will be offered shortly. This is consistent with the games offered on the GG Network. Because PLO5 is a popular game on mobile poker applications, we anticipate that this format will be offered soon as well.

Once the first unions are established, we anticipate a wide selection of stakes to be offered on ClubGG. Check out our ClubGG review for the latest up-to-date stakes information.

Is ClubGG doing any promotional campaigns?

Most certainly, yes! With GG Network's vast marketing resources, there might be a significant impending launch of ClubGG with many promotions, campaigns, and incentives for new users. 

What about ClubGG deposits and cashouts?

It is assumed that private clubs and agencies would handle deposits and withdrawals for their players. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are common deposit and withdrawal options. 

Can you utilise tracking software like HEM or PT4?

Third-party trackers and HUDs will not be permitted. GG Network has a stringent policy against using third-party tracking software, poker solvers, or poker hand charts while playing. The policy is in place for a good reason: to safeguard casual players from being targeted by sharks.

How can I join a ClubGG club?

To join a club, visit the ClubGG Home page, click SEARCH CLUB, input the Club ID and referral ID, and then click 'SEARCH.' Follow the app's instructions, and your club application will be delivered to the club's owner.

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