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Skrill is widely accepted in most online gaming platform and poker sites alike. It has gained huge popularity within the online poker community in recent years due to its ease of use and easy withdrawals all over the globe. Skrill is undoubtedly the top e-wallet for poker players.


Here's why we recommend using Skrill:

Extremely safe to use

Low transaction costs and fees

Accepted worldwide by major gaming providers

Instant processing time

Hugely popular amongst poker players 

Supports most major currencies worldwide

Deposit Options

With more than 10 deposit methods to choose from, Skrill is the market leader in the gaming payment systems market. 

Withdrawal Options

Apart from withdrawing money to your own bank account, Skrill also provides the following methods for withdrawals:

Sign Up With Skrill Now

Signing up takes less than 5 minutes, click the link below to visit Skrill's website to enjoy all of its amazing features and benefits!


NETELLER is known by many in the poker industry as the pioneer in payment solutions. It is one of the biggest e-wallet provider in the world among online casino and sports betting companies. We highly recommend NETELLER alongside Skrill to provide you with the best payment service.

Here's why we recommend using Skrill:

Safe and secure payment system

Easy to use and fool proof interface

Accepted worldwide by major gaming providers

Lightning quick processing and transfer time

Quick transfer between NETELLER and Skrill

NETELLER Mastercard available

Deposit Options

NETELLER offers various options for deposits. Below are all the options available: 

Withdrawal Options

Withdrawal is quick and easy. Here are some of the withdrawal options available:


You can use your NETELLER Mastercard to make withdrawals from any ATM all over the world.

Cryptocurrency Overview

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and USDT has been a phenomenon in recent years. This is largely due to the fact that it is the easiest and fastest mode of transaction without having to go through any intermediaries such as banks and payment systems. To put it short, it is a decentralised currency system that is completely transparent, it gives the power back to the people because you do not have to rely on fiat money institutions with slow processing times and high transaction fees to process your transactions. 

Online poker has reaped the rewards of this innovation as many players enjoy the benefits of using cryptocurrencies to transact with one another anonymously. 

The cryptocurrencies that we highly recommend are Bitcoin and USDT due to its high usage around the world. Cashing out your Crypto is relatively simple and can be done through Bank wire or credit cards. You can even send your Crypto to your Srkill or NETELLER accounts.

How To Start Using Crypto
Step 1 - Register An Account

Firstly, you'd need to have an account set up with one of the many Cryptocurrency exchanges available. We recommend Coinbase for European and American residents and Binance for Asians. You will need to get your account verified in order to enjoy the full range of features and services on most exchanges.

Step 2 - Buy Cryptocurrency

Once you've got your account all set up, you can use your credit card or bank wire (depending on where you are from) to purchase Cryptocurrency. 

Step 3 - Start Playing Poker

Now you have your Cryptocurrency, it's time to transfer your Crypto to the poker sites your desire.


Contact us to help you facilitate this!

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